11/12/2014 -- Hawaii Lava Flow reaches Transfer Station -- Flowing downhill to Road

This is happening in Hawaii right now as we speak.. Subscribe to Earthspace103's channel for regular updates!! I cannot cover these events during the daytime hours normally. They have high quality updates on multiple earth changes events almost every day (and night). http://www.youtube.com/earths...More

Hawaii 5-0 Subway Product Placement

Really subtle product placement in Hawaii 5-0. Nothing says cheesy like product placement...this is on the same level as Days of Our Live cheese

Road Rage in Hawaii Nei

Road Rage in Hawaii, Woman endangers her own child in vehicle. **WARNING NSFW AND FOUL LANGUAGE This lady was looking down at something, maybe on her phone or something else but there was a good car and a half length of free space in front of her so I changed lanes (she was completely still, not mo...More

Kalama Beach, Maui, Hawaii - Man Threatens Women, Anti-Haoles

This is how the "locals" of Maui, Hawaii, treat tourists.. Warning for strong language and threats. On 2-15-2014 a man and his wife, both Kihei residents, and friends visiting Maui for the first time, were having dinner at Kalama Beach Park. A man at a nearby picnic table wound up and thre...More

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