The dog helps the cat

Dog helps cat.

Jetpack helps soldiers run faster

What if every soldier could run a four-minute mile? That's the goal behind 4MM, or 4 Minute Mile, a student project to create a wearable jetpack that enhances speed and agility. Working with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and a faculty mentor, Jason Kerestes is the mastermind behind 4...More

Zach Braff helps me propose to my girlfriend

Zach Braff helps a guy propose to his girlfriend. I wanted to think of a really cool way to propose to my girlfriend, Janice, and this song and video is what I came up with. I wanted to show her that not only do I love her but that she's loved by all our friends and family too. This was particularly...More

Man helps dead shark give birth to 3 babies.

Man helps dead shark give birth to 3 babies on beach. Shark washed up on beach. It was dead but it's tummy was jiggling. Bystander cut it open in order to save the babies.

Former Homeless Man Helps The Homeless

Former Homeless Man Helps The Homeless. Learn Magic at Business Inquiries Only: Email: Second Channel: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: http://ww...More

Judge Judy Helps a OWS-type Person

Judge Judy tells it like it is. This is what's wrong, and Judy CALLS her OUT !

The Mower Gang helps clean up Detroit

Detroit gang mow-down.. Kids are given a safe place to play thanks to the Detroit Mower Gang. They're volunteers who cut grass at abandoned parks and playgrounds Tom Nardone, founder of the Detroit Mower Gang, doesn't really see himself as an innovator. He's just a guy who saw a need and a way to ...More

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