New Invention - Flow: Honey on Tap Directly From your Beehive

Honey on tap straight from the bee hive!. It's the beekeepers dream, turn a tap right on your beehive and watch pure fresh honey flow right out of your FLOWhive and into your Jar! No mess no fuss and the bees are hardly disturbed. Join the Flow Revolution! Visit the Website: ...More

The Funniest Moments of Nick Cummins The Honey Badger

Australian footballer may be the most australian man on the planet. This video is a collage of the funniest moments of Rugby winger Nick Cummins, if you enjoyed leave a like and comment your favourite saying or quote! Tags... Nick Cummins Rugby Funny Collage Montage hilarious best moments lol nick...More

Why Are Honey Bees Disappearing?

Honey bees are vanishing. But why? Learn more about Colony Collapse Disorder: Share on Facebook: Share on Twitter: Subscribe: CREDITS: "The Wicker Man" is the property of Warner Bros. Pictures Honey bee photo by ...More

3-year-old Mateo Makes His Case for Cupcakes: "Linda, honey, just listen."

"Linda, Honey, listen, listen.". Mateo makes a sweet and convincing argument for cupcakes!


Remember that rapper that made the song for the guy whose girlfriend cheated on him? She sued, got the video removed, and it's back up.. WARNING: Nicole filed a lawsuit. Original video with 2 million views was removed. Here is the original email from Darryl: "Dear Mac -- Today I found out my gi...More

Korean 16000 Strings Honey Candy (16384 strings to be exact)

Korean street vendor turns one block of honey candy into 16384 strings of honey candy. Dude at stand makes 16000 strand honey candy. 인사동, Insadong, Seoul, S. Korea. 16384 strings, 꿀타래, Korea, Candy, Honey, Wow, oh my god, jesus christ, 인사동 꿀타래

Honey Badger Houdini

Unlatching fences, digging under walls, and piling up rocks are just a few of the ways these enterprising honey badgers have escaped their enclosures.

Extracting Honey

Extracting Honey. A short video demonstrating how honey is extracted from comb. Includes a demonstration of refractometer use.


Guy finds out girlfriend is cheating, rapper makes video for him.. Dear Mac Today I found out my girlfriend Nicole is cheating on me. How I found out was a little weird. I found a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios in the sink. The thing is, she doesn't eat f***ing gluten. I got suspicious and broke into ...More

What's Happening to Honey Bees?

You've probably heard about the sudden and mysterious drop in honey bee populations throughout the U.S.A. and Europe. Beekeepers used to report average losses in their worker bees of about 5-10% a year, but starting around 2006, that rate jumped to about 30%. Today, many large beekeeping operations ...More

Honey Maid: Love

Honey Maid's awesome response video about the backlash they received over their last commercial.. We made a commercial about what makes families, family. And we received a lot of comments. See what we did with them.

Honey Badger vs. Porcupine

Honey Badger ignores it, again and again. It's not called a honey badger because of its sweet nature. Follow this daring little devil of the Kalahari Desert as he effortlessly repels his enemies.

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