Hum a tune and it becomes an instrument - NAMM2015

TIL there's a software that lets you hum a tune and turns it into an instrument. Imitone is new software, introduced at NAMM 2015, which turns vocal hums into computer generated instruments. The $25 program for Mac and Windows is previewed at NAMM.

My PVC Instrument, DRS Talent Show (Original)

This kid made his own instrument and is awesome at playing it!. Want to hear a higher quality, noise-free version and/or overhead video while I play? Check out this new video of my medley! I renamed my PVC Instrument to RimbaTubes! For more info, check out...More

Weird Instrument in Tallinn

Busker playing the nyckelharpa (Swedish key fiddle) like a beast.... Busker playing the nyckelharpa (Swedish key fiddle) in Tallinn, Estonia like a beast...

Street musician with unbelievable instrument!

An instrument Link would play if he ever went to the future. This is the link to his homepage: Go to my channel for more videos! I found this guy playing along "Karl Johan" street in Oslo (Norway) with an unbelievable instrum...More

VERY Unusual instrument!

Want to know what is responsible for the early Disney music? It's this ridiculous thing.. A video about a very Unusual instrument! This is where Disney got his music from in the early times! :D

My PVC Instrument, Ocarina of Time Medley

Ocarina of Time music... On PVC pipes. Me playing a medley of songs on my homemade PVC Pipe Instrument from the classic video game, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Songs are: -Kokiri Forest (0:01) -Kaepora Gaebora (0:27) -Saria's Song / Lost Woods (0:49) -Windmill / Song of Storms (1:00) -Market ...More

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