Star Wars: Invasion Los Angeles

Imperial Forces have invaded Los Angeles... Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope. Please CRANK UP your speakers when watching! Find ALL the Easter Eggs: Watch the BTS: A Kaipo Jones flick Awesome Audio Mix by Luke Bechthold: http://lukesoun...More

Home Invasion!

Home Invasion!. Starring Nic Wegener, Stephanie Allynne, Cale Hartmann, Joe Chandler, Skyler Sandak, William Kronfeld Written by Nic Wegener Directed by Andy DeYoung Edited by Nic Michaels Sound by Adam Catino Produced by Michael Busch for The Midnight Show

Alien Invasion Prank!

This is how you get shot. Alien invasion prank : We teamed up to scare our friend :-) and it worked very well. We used fog machine and a spotlight to make the best out of our alien costumes. Enjoy! Use this link: to share. Subscribe for more: ...More

Russia Today anchor Abby Martin speaks out against Russian invasion of Crimea 3/3/2014

Russia Today anchor goes rogue and speaks out against Russia. At the very end of the 3/3/2014 episode of Russia Today's Breaking the Set, Abby Martin reads a monolog explaining her own personal position about Russia and the United States meddling with the sovereignty of the Ukrainian people

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