The crash of Italian bobsled without brakes

Worst Bobsled Run Ever. Season 2011/2012. World Cup. La Plagne Team Simone Bertazzo

Kobe talks to Sasha in Italian

Kobe Bryant is more Italian than the entire cast of Jersey Shore combined.. Scenes from the documentary Kobe Doin' Work by Spike Lee.

Italian Baby In Verona

This is the stuff of nightmares.. This Is a Man acting like a baby in Verona, Italy

Fragile Italian Glass Snowboard: Every Third Thursday

Shredding Glass. For this month's episode, Signal Snowboards' Founder Dave Lee leaves the factory to travel across the sea to an Italian glass factory to create a handmade glass snowboard—the most delicate build to date! The glass snowboard is cut, pressed, tempered, and ever so carefully transpor...More

Funny Italian What Time Is It (HD, Subtitles)

Italian Time. Funny italian clip from movie. Including english subtitles. More videos on

C27J SPARTAN DEMO 2011 - ITALIAN AIR FORCE (airshowvision)

Cargo airplane does a full loop and roll. Airshowvision proudly present a stunning display of aerobatics from the C27 Spartan transport aircraft of the Italian Air Force, rolling inverted and doing a full loop. Watch in amazement as he both loops and rolls this very agile transport aircraft and d...More

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