Discovery Channel - Large Asteroid Impact Simulation

Discovery Channel - Large Asteroid Impact Simulation [really cool music]. ‚óŹ Discovery Channel - Large Asteroid Impact Simulation (2008). Earth was born as a result of repeated asteroid collisions, the moon was created by a single giant impact event. Then, Earth's size attracted huge meteorites, w...More

Large Wave Comes Through Restaurant

Huge Wave breaks windows at restaurant on pier in Santa Barbara, CA [3/1/14]. My breakfast at Moby Dick's Restaurant while filming the large storm surf breaking on the pier in Santa Barbara, California. The swell increased with every wave that passed. I recall telling people at the table in front ...More

A large mantis eat two bees at one time

A large mantis eat two bees at one time. A large mantis eat two bees at one time. I upload many bee and hornet movies. please watch my playlist.

Destin Large Hammerhead Shark near miss! August 24th 2014

In My Hometown. Apparently People Don't Notice Huge Hammerheads Hunting Stingrays In Shallow Water.. via YouTube Capture Large Hammerhead Shark comes way to close to people on beach in Destin, Fl. Filmed from penthouse of Silver Beach Towers. Aug, 24th 2014 about 9:30am. Near miss Shark attack!

Why Is the U.S. Prison Population So Large?

Find LearnLiberty on Facebook: Fully 24 percent of inmates in U.S. prisons are nonviolent drug offenders. The drug war has been adding to a growing U.S. prison population for the past 40 years. Today, the United States holds more human beings in prisons than any other country...More

[PF] eXtra Large by vossi84

3D version of LineRider. Ingame footage from a self-made track in TrackMania² Canyon. All you have to do to finish this track is hold the forward key. I did not build this track! Thus, I can't tell you how much time the author spent to build this. Must be quite a lot though :P Buy the game here: h...More

Large Flash Flood / Debris Flow Buckskin Wash / Gulch 2013

Amazing Footage of Flash Flood wash Caught on tape!. This is a rather large flash flood with a debris plug at the front heading down Buckskin Wash which eventually dumps into the Buckskin Gulch about 10 miles further downstream. If you can imagine this going though a slot canyon, probably wouldn't b...More

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