Star Wars: Modern Lightsaber Battle

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STEM System - Lightsaber Demo

See VR enthusiasts trying the demo at VRLA on August 16, 2014: This is one of the first videos in which we show our STEM Pack, which is mounted to the strap of the Oculus Rift DK2 to provide full position and orientation tracking for the user's head. STEM Controllers pro...More

Birth Of The Lightsaber

George Lucas, Mark Hamil, and sound designer Ben Burtt talk about the creation of one of the most iconic weapons of all time.

Homemade Lightsaber!?! MASSIVE 3W Handheld Laser Torching Stuff!!

Massive 3-watt handheld laser burns things.. Here my BEAST 3000mW blue laser goes up against a bunch of flammable stuff. Most things light INSTANTLY when placed in the beam of this laser! This is the most powerful handheld laser that I've ever used! This laser uses the new 9mm 450nm laser diode and...More

Star Wars: Episode VII Lightsaber Crossguard Tested - Is It Dangerous?

Well, I don't think the lightsaber in the StarWars Episode VII trailer is dumb anymore. This guy sold it to me.. Thrand, Eldgrimr and Marquez devise a test to see if the new Cross-guard Lightsaber from the New Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens Official Teaser Trailer by J.J. Abrams is dange...More

Star Wars Lightsaber Katana - MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED

Which weapon will be next? ► Subscribe! Every other Monday this summer, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman will be taking some of your favorite characters and items to mash up into brand new hybrid weapons that you've never seen before. This week, they're mashing together ...More

Toy Lightsaber

Toy Lightsaber!. We're back at our local Toys 'R' Us.

Customizable Crossguarded LightSaber On Friday, November 20th, we were part of the 30 million people to keep their breath while watching the trailer for the next Star Wars movie. As designers, we were surprised to discover a new configuration of t...More

Lightsaber Sound Design

Ben Burtt tells the story of how he created the sounds of the most visually and auditorily iconic weapon in movie history.

Ricky VS SilentBat (Lightsaber Duel)

Check out this lightsaber duel my friend and I just finished.. Two dudes with lightsabers. They fight. Behind the Scenes: Genre: Action Shot, Directed and Edited B: Ryan Wieber VFX: Ricardo Elliott Sound Editor: Antoine Bandele Music: Armandos Cast: Anto...More

Oliver vs Derek (The Lightsaber Battle)

Oliver vs Derek (The Lightsaber Battle). The sequel battle that was foreshadowed in "How to be a Jedi for Dummies." contact me if you know me personally and want a lightsaber hilt. I'm selling them.

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