Tender - It's how people meat

Tender is the easy way to connect with new and interesting meat around you. Switch on and if someone likes you back, it’s a match!

Ricky Gervais, Judi Dench and Downton Abbey stars speak out against the dog meat trade.

As you read this, there are dogs in Asia being tortured then slaughtered for their meat. Soi Dog urgently needs money to rescue them, repair their broken bodies, and help find them loving homes. Learn how you can help by visiting: http://savedogs.soidog.org/petition

They're Made Out of Meat

They're Made Out Of Meat. Directed by: Stephen O'Regan Based on the short story by Terry Bisson


What not to do to your girlfriend. Find it on Reddit - http://bit.ly/TWtmtl I stuffed crickets into Jeana's meatballs. This was the line that should have never been crossed. Feeding her bugs. Team Jesse FTW. Be sure to click the Thumbs Up for crossing the line. lol Facebook: http://facebook.com...More

What Came Before, featuring Steve-O: The Truth About Meat and Modern Farms

Not a Jackass anymore - Steve-O has cleaned up his life and filmed this awesome video exposing factory farming - [11:09]. Watch the video that will change your life! TV and movie star Steve-O introduces you to someone you'll never forget. See the incredible rescue, and the shocking reality of what c...More

The Meat Planet

An interstellar gastronomic delicacy.

Make A Meat Cleaver

So, this badass makes a meat cleaver from spare parts.. Making a cleaver from a worn out 10" saw blade.

Tiger jumps to catch meat, filmed in slow-motion

A tiger jump to catch its food, in slow-motion. As it's being fed a Tiger jump to grab it's food. If you watch closely you'll see that the Tiger actually jumps higher than the fence of the enclosure. Impressive animals.

Give your meat a good old rub

Give your meat a good 'ole rub. Listen to Ainsley.

RMR: Rick's Rant - Meat Recall

Canadian rage about the XL Foods meat recall.. Rick's Rant for October 9, 2012.

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