'Midnight Rider': The Moments Before the Train Crash

Last year, while filming a movie, a 27-year-old camera assistant died after being struck by a train due to negligence on behalf of an assistant director. This footage was just released of the crew scrambling moments before the crash.... The "Midnight Rider" crew scrambles as a train approaches on se...More

Watchmen Motion Comics 1: At Midnight All the Agents

Before "The Watchmen" got made into a movie, the entire GraphicNovel was redrawn and turned into a Motion Comic Series with great music, sound effects and voice acting. Here it is. This playlist consists of 12 episodes, 25 minutes each.. A murder takes place in New York City. "The Comedian...More

@midnight w/ Chris Hardwick (@Nerdist) - Cringe Worthy - Discreet Orphan Rentals (Comedy Central)

Three words that make you cringe.. Kyle Kinane, Deon Cole and Tom Lennon come up with three-word phrases that make Chris Hardwick cringe. For more @midnight with Chris Hardwick (Nerdist) from Comedy Central visit: http://www.comedycentral.com/shows/-midnight

Chris Hardwick Seeks to #FreeTheNipple on @midnight

Chris Hardwick Seeks to #FreeTheNipple on @midnight. After seeing that Miley Cyrus's photo had the nipples blurred, Chris Hardwick unleashes an epic rant. #FreeTheNipple Full Episode: http://on.cc.com/1FZZCZU

Midnight by Coldplay

Coldplay returns to surprise us with a moody new track and hopes of a new album.

Midnight Lights - Stadiums Dubstep | 1080 | HD

I'm not a huge fan of dub-step but I thought this was really cool. (x-post /r/Seahawks). Midnight Lights - What Stadiums Do When People Sleep Created by Jimmy Diebold http://twitter.com/jimmydiebold http://bodegastudios.com PatrickReza's full M83 "Midnight City" dubstep remix: http://soundcloud.com...More

James Adomian at The Midnight Suggestion - Dec. 14, 2011 - Richmond, Virginia

A hilarious set from James Adomian, a comic genius and master impersonator at The Midnight Suggestion on an unseasonably warm December evening at Steady Sounds record store in downtown Richmond, Virginia. Warning: Contains adult language. His website here, www.jamesadomian.com/ Facebook event pa...More

The Midnight Coterie Of Sinister Intruders

A tale of handmade horror from the mind of Wes Anderson.

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