Kitty vs Mirror

I present to you my cat whenever i take out my mirror.. my cat versus my mirror. *warning, some loud screech noises*

Meet Yourself in The Mirror LIVE - Ashley Wylde Slam Poetry

"Meet Yourself in The Mirror" was my final round poem on October 4th, 2013 at The Bean Cycle Coffee Shop first Friday poetry slam! In the third round, the judges gave me a whopping four tens, giving me the great honor of a perfect score of 30 points, and the win! Find Me Here: Poetry: http://Ashley...More

Paul Rudd's Mirror Hillbilly Meltdown from Wanderlust [1080p HD]

One of the most hilarious scenes ive ever seen. The epic scene from Wanderlust where Paul Rudd gives himself a disturbing hillbilly-accented dirty pep talk in the mirror, with such grand eloquences as: "You gon take that dick" "I'm fixin's to fuck ya" - and - "I'm gonna get it all up in yo vag...More

Woman In The Mirror

Comedian working a bar uncovers a 2-way mirror in the women’s bathroom at Chicago bar Cigars and Stripes.. Last night, I discovered a two-way mirror in the restroom in Berwyn, IL. With over 4K views in 20 hours after posting on FB, I am choosing to move the video I shot last night here. Some thoug...More

Bird vs side-view mirror

My side-view mirror has been smudged every morning all week long. I found out why.. My side-view mirror has been smudged every morning all week long. I've found out why.

Cat Poses in Mirror

Cat Poses In Mirror, Waves At Reflection!!!. my cat Sox was looking at herself and posing in the bathroom mirror

#imEnough - All-female band, The Mrs., changes the way women look in the mirror.

We are The Mrs., an all-female band from Austin, Texas. We recently asked women how they felt when they looked in the mirror. As you can see, we didn't like the answer, so we decided to help change it. "ENOUGH" looking in the mirror with such a critical eye. "ENOUGH" of that negative voice we hea...More

This man says he created the turn signal mirror

The man who invented the turn signal mirror. This is the story of a sweet, simple man on a dead end street caught between an airport and a cemetery. Here you either fly far away or you're buried, and Keith Taylor thought he had his ticket stamped. After all he did invent the Illuminated Forward Fac...More

Mac Miller: The Space Migration Sessions - Objects In The Mirror (with The Internet)

Different Side of Mac Miller, I think its amazing.. Preorder "Watching Movies With The Sound Off" NOW! Rostrum Records, Rex Arrow Films & TreeJTV Present... Mac Miller with The Internet The Space Migration Sessions: Objects In The Mirror Original Song by Mac M...More

Corgi puppy sees a mirror for the first time

Corgi puppy sees itself in a mirror for the first time. So I thought I was filming Fiona the corgi playing ball...and instead I captured her first experience with a mirror. Lol!

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