NC Moral Mondays and Imminent Disturbance

In response to Moral Mondays, North Carolina's legislature has banned "imminent disturbance." Violations include "singing, clapping, shouting, playing musical instruments or using sound amplification equipment." Follow the AFL-CIO: http://twitter....More

"Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue" (Queen / Gershwin Mashup) - Mashup Mondays

Bohemian Rhapsody in Blue. Genius.. Mp3 will be available here: Ok, so it was actually "Mashup Monday Plus Three Days" this time. I read all the mashup requests from last week, and this one was my favorite. Thanks, PaperSpock! Help me choose the next mas...More

Subway scene from ep. 4 season 4 of LOUIE on FX Mondays at 10

Subway scene from season 4 of Louie gets real, super quick.. HI. This is the whole Subway sequence from "Elevator 1' Two new episodes of LOUIE will be showing every MONDAY at 10 and 10:30.

Rick and Morty Thanksgiving Mondays at 10:30p

New promo for Rick and Morty returning March 8th. Watch Rick and Morty Mondays at 10:30p on Adult Swim. Click here for more:

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