Baby Moose Attack

Baby moose gets released. She promptly turns on captor to make her feelings heard.. What can happen out in the field...

Big Maine Moose very excited driver

Maine man is way too excited about a moose. Moose running along with trafic on I-95, driver very excited about spotting his first moose.

Swedish Man Takes On A Moose

This man exudes testosterone. His viking ancestors would´╗┐ be proud.

Baby Moose - caught in gate - 2014 02 10

Baby moose cannot express its gratitude. - up-close and personal with a baby moose - ... somehow the words "there's a moose stuck in your fence" doesn't register on the brain the way you'd think ... instead of "ya, okay ... I'll get right on that" it's more the reaction of a double "huh?" or "w-w-wh...More

man vs moose in sweden (the original)

This man is alpha as fuck. Fighting off a moose with an Iron bar!

Man vs Moose 100% Swedish viking

Swedish Viking vs Moose. In Sweden we troll with dangerous creatures...

Real Moose Attack Animal Attack Angry Moose Attacks, kicking Father in chest on snowmobile

Moose picked the wrong guy to attack.. A man, age 51 with a life threatening heart condition (dilated cardiomyopathy), while snowmobiling out west with his son, comes upon a moose in the wild. Concerned that an animal attack might be about to happen, the site seeing experience goes bad when the moos...More

Da Moose

Octocopter w/ camera encounters moose. Cruising Maridalen FPV style. Saying hello to Ms. Moose.

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