Rick and Morty - Gazorpazorpfield

You can hear him start to laugh at the very end.. "White guilt, milquetoast, piece of human garbage." Rick and Morty. All rights belong to Adult Swim. "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news rep...More

Rick & Morty - Retarded

Political Correctness in a Nutshell. Clip from Rick & Morty S01E09

Rick and Morty: Watch "Lawnmower Dog" Now

Rick And Morty Episode 2 on YouTube right now.. Rick helps Jerry out with the dog, broh. Don't even trip about this episode because they also incept Goldenfold. (Guest starring Rob Paulsen and Jess Harnell) Watch Full Episodes on adultswim.com: http://asw.im/6VzA2Y

Justin Roiland does his Rick & Morty voices at ComicCon

Justin Roiland makes fun of Comic-Con moderator in his Rick & Morty voices.. Justin Roiland at the Rick & Morty ComicCon panel does the voice everyone wants to hear. UPDATE: I'm Mr. Vertigo. I've got 10,000 views, look at me!

Rick and Morty - Ants in my Eyes Johnson Commercial

Ants-in-my-eyes Johnson, Rick and Morty, hilarity ensues [x-post r/rickandmorty]. The Advertisement for the best local electronics store in town. Taken from S1E8. I own nothing in this video.

Rick and Morty: Watch the First Episode Now

Dan Harmon [Community] and Justin Roiland [Adventure Time] have released the pilot for "Rick and Morty". Rick moves in with his daughter's family and establishes himself as a bad influence on his grandson, Morty. Watch Rick and Morty Mondays at 10:30p on Adult Swim http://www.rickandmorty....More

Rick and Morty: Nobody belongs anywhere, nobody exists on purpose, everybody's going to die.

I don't know how to describe it, but this scene from "Rick and Morty" is just great. Relax and watch some inter-dimensional T.V.!

Rick and Morty Thanksgiving Mondays at 10:30p

New promo for Rick and Morty returning March 8th. Watch Rick and Morty Mondays at 10:30p on Adult Swim. Click here for more: http://rickandmorty.com

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