Mouse Utopia Experiment

The famous population growth experiment of Universe 23. A mouse utopia experiment of population growth that is left unchecked.. John Calhoun's Mouse Utopia, 195?

Mouse trap Jenga

Want to play a game?. Drunk mousetrap jenga

Edit the Sad Parts by Modest Mouse (Lyrics)

Modest Mouse, fan made video about Golden Gate suicides.. @modest_mouser presents Edit the Sad Parts by Modest Mouse, with lyrics. Remember to like and subscribe for more lyrics videos. Note: This video contains mature thematic elements.

Hawk snatches released mouse

Guy at my school attempting to release a mouse into the wild..

Mouse & Mountain Dew Experiment

Mouse & Mountain Dew Experiment - (This was done in 2012 in response to a lawsuit against Pepsi.). In response to the story that someone found a mouse in a can of Mountain Dew and the disturbing response from Pepsi, we put the situation to the test.

LED Halloween Costume version 2.0 Minnie Mouse edition for Glowy Zoey

Last year my video went viral of the LED costume I made my daughter. Here is this year's creation.... After last year's costume went absolutely nuts, I had to make a new one that was much, much better. The 2014 version is using digitally addressable LED strips hooked up to an Arduino microcontrolle...More

Mickey Mouse in Bad Ear Day

Disney's been putting out some great new Mickey Mouse cartoons (Mickey Mouse in Bad Ear Day). Mickey loses his ears and must hunt them down. SUBSCRIBE and be the first to watch new Disney shorts weekly!

1 Mouse trap kills 2 mice at the same time

1 Mouse trap kills 2 mice. Guy's commentary is hilarious.. I had some really bold mice in my basement so I set up a mousetrap where I saw them going back and forth and was surprised at the results.

plastic bottle mouse trap (패트병 쥐덫)

Plastic Bottle Mouse Trap. * Homemade rat trap * Can be made very easily * The material is simple * PET Bottle recycling My blog ;

Trick Shot ...Old Lady Shooter..."The Mouse Trap"

Old Lady shoot the mouse trap bait without triggering it.. This shot was a dream come true. The hardest part of the trick was setting the trap without tripping it when placing the "Blue Cheese" on it. The cheese had to be hit just right or....SNAP!

Cannibal Mouse: The MythBusters Episode You'll Never See

A Mythbusters episode you'll never see.. Complete video at: "MythBusters" co-host Adam Savage recalls using mice to test the old adage about the cereal box being more nutritious than the sugary cereal inside it. While Sava...More

smart mouse buys herself a treat

Smart mouse buys itself a treat. My little mouse Cindy spends all her pocket money on treats. ;-) Visit her on facebook:

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