"Go straight off the wall" said his dad and Dominic does just that. The film follows Dominic Wilcox, an artist / inventor / designer, on his quest for new ideas....Transforming the mundane and ordinary into something surprising, wondrous and strangely thought provoking. Winner Best Documentary Su...More

King of the Hill Boomhauer talks normal

Boomhauer talks normal on King of the Hill. Boomhauer talks like a normal person in his version of how the Firehouse burnt down. I own no rights to King of the Hill

When Insanity Becomes Normal - Venezuela

When Insanity Becomes Normal - Venezuela. At this point it isn't clear what any of us outside of Venezuela can do to help those inside the country - and this has been hard for me to stomach. Perhaps one of the best things I can do is to provide emotional support.

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