it's only a backpack

it's only a backpack.

there is only coffee

Unlike most coffee growing regions of the world, in Ethiopia the folks who grow the coffee, also drink the product. Long considered the birthplace of the beverage, Ethiopia produces some of the best. This little film is a love song to coffee, the grueling work that goes into producing it and the i...More

Why aren't we only using solar power? - Alexandros George Charalambides

View full lesson: Solar power is cheaper and more sustainable than our current coal-fueled power plants, so why haven't we made the switch? The real culprits here are the clouds, which make solar power di...More

Simply amazing :) This could happen only on a Dublin bus

A typical bus journey in Ireland. Don't take my drugs away... :)

Only in Bradford Maine

Pulled over by a pig in Maine. Things you may see in Northern Main

Love, Rosie - Official Trailer (Cymbals Only)

Love, Rosie - Official Trailer (Cymbals Only). Original Trailer: Patreon: Twitch: Donate: Website: Bitcoin:

Eminem - Shady CXVPHER Freestyle (Eminem's part only HD)

Shady Cypher - Eminem, Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf (Shady CXVPHER) New Eminem SHADYXV Freestyle Official Video 10/11/2014 Eminem amazing freestyle about everyone from Anderson Cooper to Lana Del Rey (“Bitch, I punched Lana Del Rey right in the face like Ray Rice in broad daylight in plain sight of ...More

Woman Driver Fail! 99 Cent Only 18 Wheeler Big Rig crashes into tree and pickup truck doing u turn.

99 Cent Only semi-truck utterly fails making a u-turn in a parking lot.. knocks over a tree and rams a pickup.. 99 cent only 18 wheeler driver makes a u turn in the Moreno Valley Lowe's parking lot. She takes out a tree, backs over the tree, the tree falls on a pickup truck, and then hits the pickup...More

Why Does February Only Have 28 Days?

It's not the size of the month that matters… Subscribe: Twitter: @okaytobesmart ↓ More info and sources below ↓ Why does February only get 28 days when all the other months get 30 or 31? The answer is part superstition, part politics, and parts astronomy. (Basically, ...More

Kanye West - Only One (Feat Paul McCartney) [Official Video] | HD

Kanye West - Only One Kanye West - Only One video Kanye West Paul McCartney Only One video Kanye West Ellen Degeneres Kanye West Paul McCartney Only One Kanye West Paul McCartney Only One

Whites Only Laundry

Whites Only Laundry. Tom opens a laundromat that specializes in washing white clothes and then cluelessly gives it a series of unfortunate names. Subscribe: Facebook: Credits: Starring Jonathan Marballi Written by the Bilderbergers Directed and edite...More

Woman jumps red light only to get a surprise!

Woman jumps red light only to get a surprised. Caught this woman driver jumping the red lights unaware that there is a Policeman RIGHT next to her. Fail of the year contender!

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