GTA 5 PC Animal Apocalypse (Mod) with an Asdf

GTA 5 Animal Apocalypse Mod with an Asdf. They are coming, they are here, they are hungry.. twitch! Twitter: Mod: Script Hook V by Alexander Blade Other Asdfs, BurritoBrian: https:...More

PC Children's Books

Politically Correct Children's Books - [2:31]. Get some last-minute holiday shopping done for the little ones with Patty and her collection of PC Children's Books! Subscribe: Like us on Facebook:

The Evolution of PC games

A journey through the history of PC Games courtesy of Reverse Enginears.

MrBossFTW's GTA 5 PC Key Stolen Live On Stream

Streamer loses GTAV key as he's activating it online.. So yea, he was dumb and let everyone see it and now he can't play xD His stream ended 20 minutes after and now he will be laughed at forever. Poor guy, but a bit dumb. The chat went crazy and watchers number dropped after the incident. 50 minute...More

Ever had a problem getting a PC game to run?

Ever had a problem getting a PC game to run?. - to visit our site. Please share the video to help fix PC gaming. Thanks to: Animation by Sean Sears Illustration, artwork by Daniel Marks Voiceover by CubixFails http://youtu...More

Xi3: Ushering In the post PC Era

A new kind of gaming pc. Xi3 Corporation talks about their philosophy and where they are now with the X5A Modular Computer and where they're going with the recently announced X3A and X7A models.

Clean your PC in 10 seconds with the FAN OF DEATH

Clean your PC in 10 seconds with the FAN OF DEATH. Strap 120W brushless motor to a hammer, control it with arduino. And vacuum your whole room afterwards. Back to work on Jetpack Squad.

Packard Bell Desktop Pc delivery

I bought a Packard Bell Desktop Pc Online. This is how it got delivered.... I bought a Packard Bell Desktop Pc, this is how it got delivered...

$30,000 PC Gaming Room

$30,000 PC Gaming Room, clearly, heaven exists.. Here is my new gaming room comprising of all the hardware I have gathered for the last few years. I made a custom wall to wall desk. The 42inch LG will be replaced by the Dell U3011 and the GTX580s with the new GTX680 Hydro coppers when they are relea...More

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