Downton Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Valet

Help Rob James-Collier (Thomas Barrow) raise £10,000 for Chilterns MS Centre! Sponsor him now at If Rob hits his £10,000 target, he'll release Downton Wars: Episode 2 - The Evil Butler Strikes Back! Soundtrack: In Da Club - courtesy of Shady/Aftermath/Interscope

DJI Phantom 2 Epic (Domtoren Utrecht)

I was waiting for these weather conditions for 10 months, and finally it came. The results are amazing! Enjoy!

A Phantom Flex Summer

Most of the time we'd rather slowly gouge our eyeballs out with a pair of rusty pliers than watch a home movie of your rotten kids. However, when those rotten kids are indulging in a series of summer time staples at 2,564 frames-per-second, we welcome it with open arms.

DJI's Realistic Phantom 3 Wedding Commercial

I made some realistic "tweaks" to the new and terrible DJI quadcopter commercial..

Phantom Volcano Eruption

Dive face first into the liquid hot magma of Yasur volcano on Tanna Island with this DJI Phantom quad-copter footage by Shaun O'Callaghan.

Ultimate Aerial Video of NYC! (Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island) - DJI Phantom 2

I wanted to create an aerial video that shows all of the 5 boroughs of NYC rather than just Manhattan or Brooklyn. Behind the scenes: Music by Vincenzo Salvia: Song: Over the...More

Phantom Menace Proper Ending

If only George Lucas would have talked to these guys first, The Phantom Menace would have been tolerable. It's always fun to dream.

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