Invisible Ocean: Plankton & Plastic - Full Movie [HD] INVISIBLE OCEAN: PLANKTON AND PLASTIC, directed by Emily V. Driscoll, is an award-winning short documentary that follows NYC sci-artist Mara G. Haseltine as she creates a sculpture to reveal a microscopic threat beneath the surface of the ocean. During a Tara Oceans expedition to...More

Crazy Plastic Ball PRANK!!

Roman Atwood does some great stuff!. BEHIND THE SCENES - Instagram - RomanAtwood More Pranks Here - Smile More Store- Thanks so much for ...More

Abby Goldberg Appears on HLN to Discuss Her Petition Supporting Plastic Bag Bans

Abby Goldberg, the 13-year-old Illinois teen who successfully petitioned Governor Pat Quinn to veto a proposed bill that would have prohibited towns from banning plastic bags, speaks about the success of her petition. You can view Abby's campaign at

Buried In Plastic

A fun little PSA about Refusing plastic bags when you go to the market. Bring your own bags it's easy. Starring Ed Begley Jr. & Kate Connor, featuring music by The Ditty Bops and directed by Grant James.

(669) Master Lock: Opened w/a Plastic Zip Tie!

(669) Master Lock: Opened w/a Plastic Zip Tie!. Looking for the tools used in this video? Sparrows Lock Picks - Peterson International - Don't know what picks to choose? No problem: My vises are made by Pan...More

Make Glossy Plastic Look Like Brushed Aluminum in Under 1 Minute

Giving glossy plastic a premium look.. Ever get sick of that cheap glossy plastic that is wrapped on everything from tech to cookware to the neighbor's dog?! It shows fingerprints, dust, and scratches like crazy. This tutorial will show you how to turn that lousy gloss into a sexy matte finish tha...More

Printing LEGO Compatible Building Bricks & Blocks on Ultimaker 3D Printer in PLA Plastic

Guy printing LEGOs on 3D printer.. DISCLAIMER: The plastic building blocks printed in this video are not genuine LEGO Blocks. The building blocks in this video are printed in PLA plastic and are compatible with genuine LEGO Blocks but they do not have the same tolerances, design or quality as authen...More

PLASTIC STATE OF MIND (Empire State of Mind Parody)

Made by passionate volunteers on a super tiny budget, on the behalf of Green Sangha! Thanks folks!​plastics-campaign/​ and​contact/​ Share this comedy musical w/ the family from Green Sangha: NEWS FLASH: Congr...More

plastic bottle mouse trap (패트병 쥐덫)

Plastic Bottle Mouse Trap. * Homemade rat trap * Can be made very easily * The material is simple * PET Bottle recycling My blog ;

Out To Sea? The Plastic Garbage Project

Plastic - a material for eternity? Inexpensive, simple to produce and able to adopt almost any desired characteristics, since the start of the 20th century this mineral oil based material has proceeded in a triumphal march through the world of consumption. But what happens to a plastic product at th...More

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