Plate Tectonics Explained

How do plate tectonics REALLY work? We're now on Patreon! Please support us at: And subscribe! - Thanks to our Patreon patrons: - @AntoineCoeur - salar tel - @TodayIFoundOut1 - @82abhilash ...More

paper airplane awesome trick infinity heating plate thermal how to

How to let a paper airplane fly indefinitely (x-post from /r/LearnUselessTalents). this awesome video shows you how to make a paper airplane fly endlessly. the principal is the same as in real aviation: thermals. thermals allow real sailplanes to fly for hours. as real thermals are to strong for our...More

Ball and Plate PID control with 6 DOF Stewart platform

PID Control is the coolest thing ever. This is a semester project in mechatronic control systems at SJSU. The 6 DOF platform is a proof-of-concept prototype that we created for our senior project (motion simulator). Here, we are using 2 axes of the platform as the output from a PID controller that...More

huge home plate collision between Brian Jeroloman and Brandon Douglas

Nasty Home Plate Collison. A huge home plate collision between Brandon Douglas and Brian Jeroloman during a 2013 Double-A Eastern League playoff game between the Erie SeaWolves and the Harrisburg Senators. Douglas scored what was the go ahead run at the time.

MLB Home Plate Collisions

As of December 11, 2013, MLB has decided to ban home plate collisions between runners and catchers. Content not owned by me, all copyright belongs to MLB Advanced Media.

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