The Bare Knuckle Fight Against Money in Politics

In this turbulent midterm election year, two academics -- Lawrence Lessig and Zephyr Teachout -- left the classroom and confronted the reality of down-and-dirty politics, attempting to replace moneyed interests with the public interest. Bill speaks with them about the hard-fought lessons learned on...More

Politics in the Animal Kingdom: Single Transferable Vote

The 2014 Midterm Elections are coming up in the United States so it's time for another installment of 'Politics of the Animal Kingdom'. Make sure to start at part one if you haven't seen them all: Also, Stickers! http://dftb...More

Money in Politics - With Ben & Jerry

Ben & Jerry (the ice cream guys) talking about the problem of money in politics - and what to do about it. Listen to them explain the strategy of stamping money out of politics and passing a constitutional amendment to save our democracy. Produced by Bill Kinzie of

Inside Guantanamo Bay's Kitchen: The Politics of Food

You’ve probably read, watched, or heard something controversial about the Guantanamo Bay detention camp since it started housing suspected terrorists in 2002. This past year, most media has centered around hunger strikes—which is one of the most well-known ways that prisoners protest their indef...More

The Roast - 21 August 2014: R.I.P. Great Barrier Reef, Young Politics

The Roast dumps tonnes of satirical dredge on the headlines, and we look at the fate of the Great Barrier Reef. Not to give anything away, but we should probably change its name to Grave Barrier Reef. #RoastTv The Roast airs weeknights at 7:30pm on ABC2

Lisa Kudrow in epic speech on sexism in politics (From "Scandal" TV Show)

Last night on "Scandal," Lisa Kudrow — playing a Congresswoman running for President — had a seething monologue about the sexist, gendered, angled way women in politics are covered by the media.

Honest Political Ads: NASCAR Politics

Shouldn't every politician wear logos on their jacket so we know who their sponsors are? Get more honesty at

A Brand new politics: Russell Brand interview with Mehdi Hasan

Join the conversation at: For more debate and for the latest news go to Like: Follow: Following on from his explosive and controversial interview o...More

DC politics about influence and extortion, author says

Peter Schweizer is the author of "Extortion: How politicians extract your money, buy votes and lines their pockets." He joins the "CBS This Morning" co-hosts to discuss how Washington is run more like the mafia.

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