Big Poop scene from Louie episode 502 ala carte

Poop scene from Louie.

"Let Me Poop" to Disneys Frozen "Let It Go"

"Let Me Poop". Let Me Poop to the music of Disneys Let It Go by EMILY MANDELBAUM

Poop Transplants!

Poop Transplants!. Love MinuteEarth? We'd love your support! Subscribe on Subbable - Thanks to our Subbable supporters who make MinuteEarth possible! Patrick Karkabi @Xefir_Destiny Sidhartha_T - and Dave Piel, who dedicated this vid...More

The Poop Cycle

What Happens After You Flush Your Poop. What happens after you flush it? Squarespace - SUBSCRIBE - Join the fun! TWITTER - FACEBOOK - Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Grego...More

Bill Gates and Jimmy Drink Poop Water

Bill Gates challenges Jimmy to taste test water from the Omniprocessor, which turns sewage into clean drinking water. ( Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Watch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Weeknights 11:35/10:35c Get more...More

Gamer Poop: Skyrim Shuffle

Skyrim Shuffle [xpost from /r/skyrim]. Hey guys i'm here with a song from skyrim :D it was made by mans1ay3r who is my favorite youtuber :3 Go see his channel : The "song" is from the GamerPoop#11 Once again no copyr...More

Jeff Green on Boston Celtics beating New York Knicks: "I Played Like Poop"

He said poop! [0:29] (x-post /r/NBA). Following the Boston Celtics' close victory over the New York Knicks, Jeff Green says offensively he "played like poop". Locker neighbor Jared Sullinger loves it. Filmed and produced by Kyle George for CLNS Radio.

Boogie 'til You Poop

Hungover climber gets unexpected scare. Hilarity ensues.. While shooting my Squamish in a Day video, Jason Kruk got his knee stuck in a 5.11 offwidth called "Boogie 'til You Puke." Luckily Andrew Burr was there shooting stills while I shot video and switched his 5d to video mode to capture what is p...More

Sending poop to online scammers

Sending poop to online scammers. A guy tried to get me to send my camera to Nigeria by making me think that he paid me. Instead, I sent him horse poop through Follow the poop as it makes its way to Nigeria by clicking this tracking link:

Penguins: Popularity, peril and poop - Dyan deNapoli

View full lesson: Penguins are odd birds. For one, they cannot fly (but they are amazing swimmers), and, contrary to popular belief, the majority of penguin populations live in warmer regions. But these beloved birds...More

Brother flushed my poop

I would be pretty pissed, too.. My sobbing 3 yr old really wanted to see her poop! Her brother flushed it before she could see it.

Poop Throwing Gorilla in SF

Gorilla threw poop at me and my friends yesterday at the SF zoo.. I was recording the little gorilla throwing dirt at the alpha male when all of the sudden another random gorilla decided to join us in...but not with dirt, unfortunately.

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