How To Make Prison Style Sweet and Sour Pork With Andy Roy

How To Make Prison Style Sweet and Sour Pork with Andy Roy. Subscribe to Munchies here: You learn something new everyday, and if you weren't locked up in Pelican Bay State Prison in the early 2000s, then today you are going to learn how to mak...More

Shocking Video: Walmart Pork Supplier Caught Abusing Pigs

Walmart, Christensen Farms' workers force-fed pigs diarrhea and dead piglets.. Are your Walmart purchases funding animal abuse? Bob Barker issues a consumer warning following a new Mercy For Animals investigation revealing blatant animal cruelty at a Walmart pork supplier. See the secretly recorded ...More

WATCH: Walmart Pork Supplier Caught Abusing Mother Pigs and Piglets

Undercover investigation into Minnesota pig farm [Walmart supplier] finds workers slamming piglets headfirst into the ground, ripping out testicles of piglets, slicing off tails, more. A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation reveals shocking cruelty to animals at Walmart pork suppliers. Wor...More

Super Quick Video Tips: Prevent Pan-Seared Pork Chops from Buckling

Get a better sear on your meat. Do your chops buckle during cooking, causing uneven browning? In this video, America's Test Kitchen's Christie Morrison shares a simple trick for a perfect sear. Watch more Super Quick Video Tips at America's Test Kitchen is a rea...More

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