Judge Sentenced to 28 Years in Prison for "Selling" Kids to Private Prisons

Judge sent to prison for 28 years, For taking bribes to send kids to private prisons. **HELP SPREAD THIS VIDEO AND MESSAGE!** Links to everything I talked about in this video: http://www.allgov.com/news/controversies/judge-sentenced-to-28-years-in-prison-for-selling-kids-to-private-prisons?news=8...More

Autistic Reporter, Michael Falk, Enchanted By Prison's Rigid Routine

Autistic Reporter, Michael Falk, Enchanted By Prison's Rigid Routine. Michael Falk interviews new prison inmate, disgraced financier, Brian Wasserman, and becomes spellbound by the repetitive monotony of daily prison life.

How Yoga Can Help In California's Overcrowded Prisons

In San Quentin, a yoga program helps inmates cope with anger and violence issues that are endemic in California's overcrowded prisons

Meet the Medical Company Profiteering Off Prisons

Failing to provide sick prisoners with needed care turns out to be pretty good for Corizon's profits. http://aclu.org/corizon #prisonprofiteers This video is part of the Prison Profiteers series produced in partnership with the ACLU and The Nation. Narration by Henry Rollins. Research help provided...More

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