Worst Product Ever Made: Ring by Logbar

What started as a near million dollar Kickstarter, was transformed into one of the most disastrous product launches of all time. Not only did Logbar release a terribly unattractive and poorly designed piece of hardware, but the software puts a nail in the coffin. For the outrageous $269 price tag, L...More

Google Glass is the WORST PRODUCT OF ALL TIME!

Geek Beat: "Google Glass is the worst product of all time.". If you're considering buying Google Glass for ANY reason, I'm gonna try and talk you out of it. I'm John P., and this is Geek Beat. Mark your calendars folks, because this is the first time we've ever dedicated an episode to t...More

Guys Guess Women's Product Prices

Surprise - guys don't buy women's products. But it sure is funny watching them trying to guess the prices.

Finding Purpose in Product Design with Oakley Eyewear

Get the latest from HYPEBEAST TV by subscribing: http://hypb.st/PpLFal When design and performance are paramount to your brand, defining a purpose serves as the underlying goal in achieving success. Peter Yee, Vice President of Design at Oakley, speaks about the approach Oakley takes in designing b...More

PONSSE Scorpion product video

The most advanced forestry vehicle in the world: The Ponsse Scorpion. Super Cool.


When I was a kid I always dreamed of seeing this test on Beakman's World. __ Design, Direction, Sound Design & Animation: Antonio Vicentini Music: "Adocica" by Beto Barbosa / "Où est ma tête?" by Pink Martini / "Dead Man's Party" by Oingo Bongo Sound Effects Library: freesound.org Boobies: thank...More

Paper's Passage: From Waste to Product

From NYC Sanitation's Director of Photography Michael Anton. This video is comprised of 5,902 images and shows the paper recycling process.

Hawaii 5-0 Subway Product Placement

Really subtle product placement in Hawaii 5-0. Nothing says cheesy like product placement...this is on the same level as Days of Our Live cheese

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