Springfield, IL - Video PROOF! Cobra is EVERYWHERE!

In anticipation of G.I. JoeCon 2015, Cobra has already made the trek to Springfield, Illinois.

Proof That Every Tech Ad Is Exactly the Same

Proof that every tech advert is the same. Have you ever noticed that a lot of tech commercials look exactly the same? They blur together into a stream of smiling faces and bright lighting. And it's hard to remember what product they're even hawking. This Video pokes fun at commonplace tech commerc...More

Morgan Freeman's Reddit AMA Was a Fraud! PROOF!!!

Morgan Freeman's Reddit AMA Was a Fraud! PROOF!!!. http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1c5zxh/i_am_morgan_freeman_ask_me_anything/

Filth City: Drug Squad - IPF proof of concept video

Filth City. A dark comedy crime drama following the intersecting stories of a crack-smoking mayor, a misguided vigilante cop and a cross-dressing criminal mastermind. Crime, comedy and drama meet in this edgy new series set in an alternate-reality version of Toronto. Tom Hogg, a drug-addicted mayor...More

Burden of Proof | David Mitchell's Soapbox

David Mitchell: Burden of Proof. "I know you smell smoke and we are having difficulty breathing and it's hot in here and your theory is that the roof is on fire, but until I have proof I'm not going to extinguish my cigar.". David Mitchell rants about Global Warming. LIKE David Mitchell's ...More

Proof That Cats Are Better Than Dogs

Proof That Cats Are Better Than Dogs. Science settles the cat/dog question ONCE AND FOR ALL. Music: "Brandenburg Concerto No. 3," Bach http://soundcloud.com/goodclassicalmusic1

More Proof The Music Industry Is Fake

TIL: Almost all "live" pop performances now are lip-synced, and almost all recorded performances are auto-tuned. We almost never hear real singers' voices now..

/r/funny submission photoshopped (proof)

The 3D-ify guy is at it again. Not that I care that much, just tired of seeing all the bickering about Error Level Analysis, since it's an obviously manipulated image... shiiiit Original thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/1fcpju/this_picture_is_great/

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