Sisters Episode 6: The Rolling Stones {The Kloons}

Hey Reddit, thanks for all the love on our 'Sisters' series (where my buddy and I lip sync his mom and aunt’s conversations). In some strange twist of the universe, we just made a new episode with Mick Jagger and Keith Richardson.. Mitch and Nik lip sync Nik's mom and aunt's conversations in Episo...More

Miguel Rolling

For licensing / usage, please contact Miguel, who rolls cigars at Hector Luis Prieto's Farm in San Juan y Martinez, rolling on a windy day with a GoPro attached. 19 Feb 2015

Chubby Rolling Raccoon Is Boss | AFV

Finally uploaded the source of the Rolling Raccoon gif you guys went "head over heels" for.. While cats are cute, this rolling raccoon completely wins us over for most awesome animal of the week. We should all travel in such roly poly fashion! Haha. Enjoy, from America's Funniest Home Vide...More

Fog rolling over Long Range Mountains in Lark Harbour Newfoundland

Most places have water falls, around here we have fog falls. Fog rolling over mountains and burning off as it moves over land. Fog rolling over the long range mountains and burning off as it moves over Lark Harbour, west coast of Newfoundland

Easter egg rolling fail / Blaine


Rolling Up a Picasso | The New York Times

On Sunday, Picasso’s “Le Tricorne” was removed from the Seagram Building, where it had been on display for 55 years. Moving a canvas that age and size required extreme delicacy. Produced by: Ben Laffin and Michael Kirby Smith Read the story here: Subscribe to the Time...More

Pendulum rolling ball clock (EN). Homemade 100% mechanical marble machine clock.

Homemade pendulum rolling ball clock.. A homemade mechanical rolling ball clock (english, deutsche Version: The clock runs for 12 hours, driven by a weight of 2.5 kg sinking approx. 1 meter during that time..Every minute a marble is lifted up and goes down a marble run w...More

Adele - Rolling In The Deep - Girl Fainting Adele Stops To Sort It Out - Hammersmith Apollo

Adele has a compassionate yet hilarious reaction to a fan fainting. Watch whole video!. This is so typical of Adele stopping the show to save the fainting girl, this happened the night before too apparently. This was at Hammersmith Apollo 20th September 2011. I have lots from this concert on my chan...More

Rolling Through the Bay with Scott Weaver: Maker Faire

Scott Weaver has spent the last 35 years painstakingly constructing a replica of the city of San Francisco made of toothpicks! Not only that, but it is also a marble run, allowing ping-pong balls to take various tours through the city. His artwork will be on display in the Tinkering Studio at the Ex...More

ROLLING THUNDER | Memorial Day Weekend 2014 | Washington, DC

The Rolling Thunder stormed Washington, DC in a spectacular display Sunday.. The Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally is an annual demonstration during Memorial Day Weekend. They ride to honor fallen heroes and to make sure the POWs and MIA troops are accounted for and not forgotten. Music: America t...More

The Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter" - 2013 Hockey Night In Canada Closing Montage

Hockey Night in Canada's closing montage for last years NHL season. I know a lot of you aren't hockey fans but this video really captures the intensity of the sport. "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones closes the 2013 Hockey Night In Canada Stanley Cup Playoffs on June 24th, 2013.

Coin rolling on treadmill

Coin rolling on treadmill. Don't know why I did this. Glad I did.

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