Star Wars: Black Sands (Luke Skywalker versus Darth Maul)

Created for the Lightsaber Choreography Competition XII. Luke Skywalker investigates a curious rift in the force on Tatooine. Directed by Joel Loukus Directory of Photography- Lee Gillenwater Costumes by Denise Loukus Fight Choreography by Sam Slater & Chris Harper Lu...More

Novel Sands

I know it's useless... BUT I WANT THIS!. This toy was made in Taiwan, over 20 years ago. It was called 'Novel Sands.' There are many toys that involve flowing sand, but the design of this one is quite unusual. There are three separate compartments, each containing a different coloured sand. There ...More

Marina Bay Sands Skypark BASE Jump. Singapore 2012. on Vimeo.mp4

BASE jumping off Marina Bay Sands in Singapore..

Devastation and Prayer at the Last Tar Sands Healing Walk

At the fifth and final Tar Sands Healing Walk, indigenous communities on the front-lines of tar sands extraction lead a spiritual march through a landscape of poisonous lakes, dead earth, open-pit mines, and refineries. More thoughts on this in my write-up via VICE:

Tar Sands Pipelines: the Dirtiest Oil on Earth The Sierra Club Beyond Oil Campaign will block the most dangerous oil projects (Keystone XL, Enbridge Gateway, Trailbreaker pipelines) and revoke the oil industry's license to operate above the law and interfere with our transition to a clean energy future. Narrated by Joshu...More

The Experts on Tar Sands

The residents of Mayflower know that issues like Keystone XL affect every American, but especially those that have to live with the danger in their backyard. They've witnessed, in an instant, local fly-fishing destinations brought to ruin, airborne chemical exposure leading to nausea, hopefully not...More

"SaveCanada" punks TransCanada - Energy East Tar Sands Pipeline -- TransCanada's Energy East Pipeline (from the Tar Sands to the East Coast) needs voices like yours to say, "nope, no thanks, etc." Join SaveCanada! Energetic people vs Energy East Pipeline. More about the Energy East Pipeline: http://www.notra...More

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