Gotham City SF // A Timelapse Film

View photos and full project at This idea came from the aether; it emerged over time. Several years ago (2012) while exploring my passion for black and white photography I found myself wandering into a look I call ‘Gotham’. I have a passion for timelapse as well,...More

An Afternoon with Pinky and The Brain: Pinky and The Brain vs Pulp Fiction (SF Sketchfest)

The voices of Pinky and the Brain do Pulp Fiction.. Rob Paulsen (Pinky) and Maurice LaMarche (The Brain) take on the Pulp Fiction hitmen as Pinky and The Brain as host Cole Stratton looks on at "An Afternoon with Pinky and The Brain." Recorded live at the 12th Annual SF Sketchfest, the San Francisc...More

Millions of Pounds of Floating Danger in SF Bay

Millions of Pounds of Floating Danger in SF Bay. After debris in the San Francisco Bay caused his seaplane to crash (killing the pilot), Admiral Nimitz asked the US Army Corp of Engineers to keep the Bay free of hazards. Almost 60 years later they remove 1,200 tons of rubbish a year. Watch how.

I was a the Golden Gate Park in SF when all of a sudden...

I was walking through the tunnel at Golden State park and found this lady taking advantage of the acoustics.. Creepy, amazing voice. I never saw her again, but I guess musicians come to the tunnel for the reverb.

All You Can Eat Smashes Rally (SF XD T Ahmad L Natsir vs Zhang N Zhao YL 2013 BWF Championships)

Badminton: All You Can Eat Smashes Rally. For more badminton videos: or

Poop Throwing Gorilla in SF

Gorilla threw poop at me and my friends yesterday at the SF zoo.. I was recording the little gorilla throwing dirt at the alpha male when all of the sudden another random gorilla decided to join us in...but not with dirt, unfortunately.



Ana's Story - Why We Must Intervene in the Inner-City of SF

Ana used to come to City Impact's youth program until she got caught in a web of abuse, victimization and injustice. Through a miraculous escape, she reconnected with City Impact's Executive Director, Christian Huang and told her story. It was then that the initiative Adopt a Building was launched. ...More

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