Shoe Store Fluoroscope

My grandfather helped get these banned in North Dakota decades ago. Whenever I tell people, they're floored that shoe stores used to have x-ray machines that let you look at the bones in your feet IN REAL TIME. A history of the little known shoe store X-Ray machines called Fluoroscopes that were use...More

Shoe to the Face

But what's really impressive is the catch after.

L.L.Bean Maine Hunting Shoe

L.L.Bean is celebrating 100 years of business by recreating the boots that started it all. Staying true to the original design, the Maine Hunting Shoe will feature untreated tan leather uppers, brick red rubber soles, and the same handmade care as all their other boots.

Don Ward: Shoe Shiner Extraordinaire

It could be 9 or 90 degrees. He's still shining shoes.. On the corner of the Avenue of the Americas and 47th Street is a man who doesn't have an office, doesn't have a sharp suit or tie, but...wears a pair of spotless, shiny shoes. Tonight, Sana Bég introduces us to one shoe shiner, with a little p...More

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