WATCH: Cows Kicked, Stabbed and Dragged at DiGiorno Pizza Cheese Supplier

Cows Kicked, Stabbed and Dragged at DiGiorno Pizza Cheese Supplier. Horrific undercover video taken by a Mercy For Animals investigator reveals disgusting animal cruelty at a DiGiorno dairy supplier. Workers kick, beat, and stab cows and drag them by their fragile legs and necks using chains attache...More

Shocking Video: Walmart Pork Supplier Caught Abusing Pigs

Walmart, Christensen Farms' workers force-fed pigs diarrhea and dead piglets.. Are your Walmart purchases funding animal abuse? Bob Barker issues a consumer warning following a new Mercy For Animals investigation revealing blatant animal cruelty at a Walmart pork supplier. See the secretly recorded ...More

WATCH: Walmart Pork Supplier Caught Abusing Mother Pigs and Piglets

Undercover investigation into Minnesota pig farm [Walmart supplier] finds workers slamming piglets headfirst into the ground, ripping out testicles of piglets, slicing off tails, more. A new Mercy For Animals undercover investigation reveals shocking cruelty to animals at Walmart pork suppliers. Wor...More

Shocking Animal Cruelty at Tyson Foods Supplier

I'm no PETA member, but shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Warning: Contains Graphic Footage. Undercover video footage at "Wyoming Premium Farms" revealing egregious cruelty and filthy conditions at a Wyoming pig breeding facility owned by a supplier for Tyson Foods.

Cambodian garment workers locked in dispute with Wal-Mart and H&M supplier

Garment workers for Wal-Mart and H&M are forced to live on street.. Nearly 200 garment workers are locked in a dispute with Kingsland Garment Cambodia Ltd., a supplier of the global clothing brands Walmart and H&M. The workers are owed approximately $200,000 in wages and indemnity by Kingsla...More

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