Surface - Plywood

Most inventive skateboarding seen in a while. When the spots are sparse, sometimes you gotta make one yourself. When all you have is a piece of plywood, sometimes you gotta take one for the crew and make the spot out of yourself. It’s hard to know what’s more sketchy—skating the most rudimenta...More

Super Hydrophobic Surface and Magnetic Liquid - The Slow Mo Guys

Super Hydrophobic Surface and Magnetic Liquid - The Slow Mo Guys. Gav and Dan are in the GE lab using nanotechnology to show you cool liquid physics at 2500fps. The first experiment shows a superhydrophobic surface that GE has been working on. Surfaces like this can be useful in aviation and wind p...More

Driving on the Surface of Mars

Scientists are studying Mars from every angle in preparation to send the first human astronauts to the Red Planet. Data from the Curiosity rover has proven invaluable. | For more STRIP THE COSMOS, visit Subscribe to Science Chan...More

Crazy Morphing Magic Table Surface

Only if this could have higher resolution.... do you want to see magic on that table? enjoy our movie and subscribe! New technology is coming.

Water droplets on a superhydrophobic surface

Water droplets on a superhydrophobic surface. You can make a sheet of paper superhydrobic by rubbing it with superhydrobic aerogel powder. Then all water droplets are completely repelled by the paper surface. More at or

Why I Love my Microsoft Surface 2 : Tips and Tricks

Microsoft's marketing budget is a waste of time. Guy sold me on the Surface 2 in 11 minutes.. In this video I show off my favorite features in the Microsoft Surface 2, with windows 8.1 RT. I show off voice control (windows speech recognition), multiple monitor support, and a variety of accessories v...More

Self-assembly of magnetic droplets on a superhydrophobic surface

What happens to a droplet of ferrofluid on a superhydrophobic (water-repellent) surface, with a magnetic field applied.. A ferrofluid droplet on a superhydrophobic surface is subjected to increasing magnetic field of a cylindrical permanent magnet. This results in division into numerous daughter dro...More

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