New Audi Matrix OLED lighting & “the swarm” tail lights - tech and design future lab

"The swarm" - Audi's new matrix OLED lighting concept. Our FULL REVIEWS from 2015: These are some new technologies from the Audi tech and design future lab. The new Audi Matrix OLED lighting as well as the tail light...More

Bad tech writing (Law and Order: SVU)

How to hide your porn, courtesy of Law and Order: SVU. This is a clip from season 11, episode 5 of "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit". In this clip, TARU Tech Reuben Morales finds "computer code hidden in a pixel." Read more here:

SCAMMER CALLS PRANKSTER - Windows Tech Support Scam

The right way to deal with phone scams. This scammer called the wrong guy by calling me. I drove him crazy by pretending to be computer illiterate and not letting him get his way. I eventually let him talk to my twin brother who's really good with computers but doesn't have the patience. It goes ...More

GUNSHIP - Tech Noir

Buy GUNSHIP now: iTunes: Amazon: Google Play: Box Set: Order GUNSHIP's 16-Bit Box Set: Follow GUNSHIP:

A. Maceo Smith New Tech High School - Uptown Funk Dance

Filmed this in one take! This is a great example of how a bunch of technology students dropped their fears, trusted their teacher and got down to Uptown Funk!!!!. Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars(A Maceo Smith New Tech High School) This is a great example of how a bunch of technologly stud...More

JIBO - Drunk Tech Review

Three guys get drunk and review tech. This may be their best yet.. Subscribe for more drunk reviews ► We took your suggestions to review the latest viral sensation: JIBO. We also played our very first drinking game and you can play along at home! Like us on FB: http://www.f...More

Proof That Every Tech Ad Is Exactly the Same

Proof that every tech advert is the same. Have you ever noticed that a lot of tech commercials look exactly the same? They blur together into a stream of smiling faces and bright lighting. And it's hard to remember what product they're even hawking. This Video pokes fun at commonplace tech commerc...More

Watch Your Dead Tech Get Demolished at an E-Waste Recycling Plant

It's called e-waste, and it's made of millions of broken, dead, and obsolete gadgets. But often, it's too toxic (and too valuable) just to toss in a dumpster. So it gets recycled. We visited an e-waste recycling facility in upstate New York to see the afterlife of dead tech for ourselves. This video...More

Ohio State Marching Band "TV Land" - Halftime vs. Virginia Tech: 9-6-14

The Ohio State University Marching Band is back with an amazing television-themed show. Welcome to The Lantern TV. We are located in the Ohio State University Journalism building, along with our media partner, The Lantern. We strive to be your leader in Ohio State news, sports, weather, and entertai...More

Mini Hoop Tech vlog #2

Mesmerizing - this girl is killing it. raw practice

Georgia Tech - Freshman Convocation - Epic Welcome Speech

Epic Welcome Speech - Georgia Tech - Freshman Convocation. Welcome to Georgia Tech! You can do that. I am doing that! Sophomore Welcome Mr. Nicholas S. Selby, Mechanical Engineering

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