Creating the Theme - Radiophonic Workshop - Doctor Who

A look inside the BBC Radiophonic Workshop with Dick Mills, Brian Hodgson, Verity Lambert and the late Delia Derbyshire and how they brought composer Ron Grainer's Doctor Who theme to life using electronic music. Taken from the special feature Masters of Sound on the Doctor Who: The Beginning Box...More

Joman - Paddy's Theme: Ultimate Edition

For all the "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" lovers out there. this is the most badass video ever.. The gang gets remixed... again. Free download:

Mario Kart 64 Theme - Multi-instrumental cover

My friend loves Mario Kart. When we played together he would sing all the different parts. Guess he never stopped.. Mario Kart 64 Title music written by Kenta Nagata Arranged, recorded and filmed by Nicholas Miles All instruments performed by Nicholas Miles

Biblical Theme: The Messiah

The Bible summarized in a surprisingly cool animated short. A walkthrough of "The Messiah" from Genesis to Revelation Subscribe Here: Donate Here: Say hello or follow us here: Twitter: Facebook:

"Game of Thrones Theme" - samuraiguitarist (Bluegrass Rendition)

This is one TV show theme song I never fast forward through. Such an epic theme for such a great show. I decided to try my hand at turning it into a good old-fashioned hoedown. With a few twists and turns, this is my take on the "Game Of Thrones Theme", hope you enjoy! Download it on iTunes: https:/...More

Will Ferrell Sings the Star Trek Theme

James asks Will Ferrell to perform his first stand-up comedy bit, where he performs as lead vocalist on the Star Trek theme music. Subscribe To "The Late Late Show" Channel HERE: Watch Full Episodes HERE: "The Late Late Show" on Facebook:

20 TV Theme Songs in 2 minutes

Follow Daniel on Facebook Want a free mp3? send a message 'I want TV' at Daniel's FB page and you'll get it right away! Directed, Arranged and Edited by Daniel Koren Special Thanks to Ethan Fixell, Guy Frenkel and Dani Moura

Doug Music creators Dan Sawyer and Fred Newman with DOUG theme riff

The guys who did the music for Nicktoon Doug play the Doug intro riff!. Dan Sawyer and Fred Newman creators of Nickelodeon's DOUG music come together for a DOUG theme riff w Oct 9th Live appearance mention

The Human-Powered, Giant Theme Park Playground: Ai Pioppi

The Human-Powered, Giant Theme Park Playground. - - pull down for details of Ai Pioppi! In the foothills of the Dolomites, an hour or so north of Venice, lies Ai Pioppi, a restaurant that's home to an astonishing, giant, human-powered, kinetic-art the...More

Bill Murray sings "The Love Theme from Jaws" LIVE on SNL40

Bill Murray sings "The Love Theme From JAWS" (as Nick "the Lounge Singer") LIVE on SNL40.

Christoph Waltz's Dramatic Interpretation of Sesame Street Theme Song

Christoph performs his interpretation of the Sesame Street theme song. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: Watch the latest Halloween Candy Prank: Watch the latest Mean Tweets: Connect with Jimmy Kimme...More

Game of Thrones Theme - Western Cover

Game of Thrones Theme - Western Cover (x-post /r/gameofthrones). Western Cover of the Game of Thrones theme Subscribe for new music videos and covers in the future! Check out our Battlefield Mariachi Cover here: Facebook:

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