Rocky's Printer - Eye of the tiger on a dot matrix printer [HD]

Dot matrix printer plays "Eye of the Tiger". How would rocky's printer be? Like this! Hear "Eye of the Tiger" from Survivor on a dot matrix printer! Eye of the Tiger by Survivor published in 1981 was part of the Rocky III soundtrack.

Tiger Shark Love - Tarantino

Tarantino likes a chin scratch. Tiger Shark 'Tarantino' expressing affection.

Tiger Sinks 91-Foot Putt

Tiger had a rough go of it at the 2014 World Golf Championships - Cadillac Championship, but draining this incredible 91-foot birdie putt seemed to lighten his mood.

waking up with enzo the tiger

Man sleeps with tiger in his bed. - [2:01]. Enzo the tiger and dogs waking up on the bed in the morning with good morning kiss.

Returning Boomerang flight Tiger Lilly Big Boom GoPro Hd Hero2 1080

Awesome boomerang throw.. GO HERE to purchase 1 of my handcrafted returning boomerangs. This is the flight of my Tiger Lilly boomerang. It was named after my daughter Lilly .Hope you like it. Enter the free boomerang giveaway. I do this 2 to 3 times a month on this c...More

"Eye Of The Tiger" on Piano with BOXING GLOVES!

"It sounds like if you played a piano with boxing gloves" Well, the internet delivers, as usual. PIANO CHALLENGE SERIES ROUND 1! Gustav plays "Eye of the Tiger" on Piano with BOXING GLOVES visit the channel for more!

New dog ,silly tiger ,clumsy move , sory

Dog telling tiger who's boss. the newest member to our family {Whisky} is getting use to a tiger in the house

Tiger jumps to catch meat, filmed in slow-motion

A tiger jump to catch its food, in slow-motion. As it's being fed a Tiger jump to grab it's food. If you watch closely you'll see that the Tiger actually jumps higher than the fence of the enclosure. Impressive animals.

Epic Tiger Release in Far East Russia

3 Amur Tigers Released in Russia Last Month. Ilona, Borya and Kuzya, three orphaned Siberian (aka Amur) tigers rescued after their mothers were killed by poachers are released back to the wild in Russia. Only 360 of these rare creatures exist in the wild. IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welf...More

Stalking tiger style !

Stalking level: Tiger. very funny !

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