Holiday Dating Tips

Before the new year, get your Holiday Dating Tips from Royce Drabwin.

How to Brown a Pizza Crust in a Convection Oven : Tips for Making Pizza

eHow teaches us how to brown a pizza in a convection oven...kinda.... Subscribe Now: Watch More: Browning a pizza crust in a convection oven requires a little bit of finesse and subtlety. Brown a p...More

7 Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks

Watch photographer Lorenz Holder demonstrate some creative smartphone photography tips & tricks using an iPhone 5S! Join the Cooperative of Photography: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

Johnny T's NYC Tourist Tips

This needs to be required viewing for all tourists.. Planning a trip to NYC? Listen to Johnny T, and you'll have a great time. Oh, and be friends with us in facebook: And if you like our puppet web series, come visit us at!

9 Tips To Save Your Life

Sitting can be lethal - here's how to counteract it! Watch "Are You Sitting Too Much?" SUBSCRIBE! It's free: ---Links to follow us below--- Get the AsapSCIENCE book! Watch our last video:

Johnny T's Subway Tips

How you should behave when using public transportation. Facebook: Reddit: Subscribe: If you like our puppet web series, visit:

7 DIY Photography Tips Using Household Objects

Up your photography game without draining your bank account with these seven creative tips.

Smart Gloves - Bluetooth Call Recieving Gloves with Conductive Texting Finger Tips

Arguably the world's most awkward winter accessory, pitched by arguably the world's most awkward pitch man.. This is the Smart Glove, a typical winter glove with a twist! Not only do these gloves keep you warm, but they have an integrated headset and microphone thumb and little finger, respectively,...More

9 Photo Composition Tips (feat. Steve McCurry)

COOPH explains 9 photo composition tips with the help of Steve McCurry's incredible photographs. Special thanks go to Steve McCurry for his time and permission to use his photographs in this video! Join the Cooperative of Photography: Visit Steve McCurry's website: http://stev...More

Flula Borg Ices His Nipples to Cure His Hangover - GQ’s Hangover Tips

YouTube star Flula Borg had one too many drinks last night and he's in need of some serious help. Watch what happens when he jumps into an ice bath to see if it'll help cure his hangover Watch GQ on The Scene: Subscribe to the all-new GQ channel here:

Why I Love my Microsoft Surface 2 : Tips and Tricks

Microsoft's marketing budget is a waste of time. Guy sold me on the Surface 2 in 11 minutes.. In this video I show off my favorite features in the Microsoft Surface 2, with windows 8.1 RT. I show off voice control (windows speech recognition), multiple monitor support, and a variety of accessories v...More

Ron Burgundy's Prison Riot Survival Tips

Ron Burgundy on Conan.. It's a simple tip that's guaranteed to work. But it may not be worth it, to be honest. More CONAN @ Team Coco is the official YouTube channel of late night host Conan O'Brien, CONAN on TBS & Subscribe now to be updated on the lates...More

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