Sin - a wooden illusion toy

Maybe I'm simple but i thought this was cool.. We do not know why this toy is called Sin. Maybe it means something else in German! Designed by Peer Clahsen, it appeared in the 1987 catalogue from NAEF toys in Switzerland. He describes it as 'wave-like rolling pair of rings.'

The World's Ugliest Christmas Sweater Includes a Working Toy Train Set

Merry Christmas and happy holidays 2014 The sweater came from Goodwill. This song was not copied, the Piano, Bass and Jazz Drums were created on a Roland Fantom XR.

Everything Wrong With Toy Story In 10 Minutes Or Less

Pixar's first full-length feature film, Toy Story, made tons of money at the box office and is beloved by pretty much anyone with a soul. So naturally we decided to take our motto of "no movie is without sin," and test its accuracy against the godfather of modern computer-animated films. Next week...More

Toy Story 5 Trailer [OFFICIAL]

Whoa there Woody. From disney themselves folks

Josie reacts to "dog confused by squeaky toy"

Curious dog just wants another doggy friend to play with. Josie the golden retriever just sees a friend she wants to play with...

Fairy toy flies off

Uhh... can I get a refund?. 중국산 요정 장난감이 날아가 버렸다

Nathan For You - Toy Company

How to sell toys. Nathan markets a toy to children by tapping into their desire to be big kids. Like what you see? Watch the full episode on the new Comedy Central app.

Toy Wars

More proof that the adults are even worse than the kids these days.

Dog confused by squeaky toy

Dog confused by squeaky toy. Walter loves his squeaky ball but he doesn't know where the sound comes from.

Tyco Rebound 4x4 RC Car!! (best rc toy from the 90s)

The best toy from the 90's.. The infamous Tyco Rebound RC car. In my opinion, this was and still IS, the best RC toy ever made. I had one growing up (blue truck/red sports car 27mhz version) back in 1996. Eventually I broke it (I think due to water getting into the electronics as this car was not re...More

The Sex Toy Taste Test

The Edible Sex Toy Taste Test (NSFW). "Excuse me, I'm like burping up other sex toys." Post to Facebook: Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: Post to Twitter: Music: Suite No. 1 Music Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc....More

Riding a Sex Toy in Public for Charity (Sybian)

Riding a Sex Toy in Public for Charity. Subscribe for more! ► PROOF HERE: We asked girls to ride the Sybian to help bring awareness and money to the prevention of female circumcision. Watch us live life in GOD MODE: http://www....More

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