Johnny T's Subway Tips

How you should behave when using public transportation. Facebook: Reddit: Subscribe: If you like our puppet web series, visit:

Johnny T's NYC Tourist Tips

This needs to be required viewing for all tourists.. Planning a trip to NYC? Listen to Johnny T, and you'll have a great time. Oh, and be friends with us in facebook: And if you like our puppet web series, come visit us at!

Share Your #IAmUnbroken Story (HD) (TS) We’re inviting people from all walks of life to share an inspiring story of resilience for the chance to have a professional team create a video segment about it. Selected stories may also be featured on NBC’s Today, and those who submit have the opportunity to receiv...More

Toyota Hybrid TS 030 - exit Pit - First EV mode than V8 mode!

Toyota TS030 goes from electric to gas engine while leaving the pits, resulting in a godly sound. The hybrid system starts the engine exiting the pits of the new Toyota Hybrid (TS030)! First EV mode than V8 mode! :D :D :D

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