Roger Knobel ( A-12) SR-71 Blackbird Giant Remote Control Turbine Jet

Giant Remote Control SR-71 Blackbird With Turbines... Awesome.... 05.10.2013 Hausen am Albis/ MG Affoltern a.A Fantastisch das Flugbild dieser SR-71 Blackbird mit einer BehotecTurbine, selber alle Teile am CAD entworfen und selber gefräst,Wow Respekt.!! RC Flight Show 05.10.2013 Hausen am Albis/Af...More

Dropped into a turbine engine

Dropped into a turbine engine. Rare opportunity to demonstrate a sound that no turbine tech wants to hear... ever! If you want to hear an experimental dubstep composition using this sound, check out and listen to "Ghost Turbine" If you like something subterranea...More

very very very fast Turbine powered RC Jet 440 MPH Speed Guinness World Record 2013

Radio Controlled Airplane flys at 440MPH!!. more movies on my channel: Radio controlled Turbinejet powered by a Behotec JB 180 Turbine Gold Edition. Trust 190 N. Guinness World Record in Ballenstedt Germany on 14.09.2013. 709 Kmh High Speed Record. Der...More

Very, very, very fast Turbine powered RC Jet

Very, very, very fast Jet Turbine powered RC Jet (370mph model aircraft). Radio controlled jet powered by a Jetcat P160 SE. On the 23rd of May, this Jet has been lasered @ 586 KpH Which makes it a 366 MpH plane...

Worlds largest RC Heli - Red Bull Cobra (hobby class turbine, Josef Schmirl)

Worlds largest RC Heli - Red Bull Cobra. SUBSCRIBE to stay informed! ► NEW VIDEO: Eurocopter EC135 Onboard view: more Videos of this RED BULL COBRA ►► More info on BIG RC HELIS (feel f...More

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