ACROSS THE SKY - a world record slackline in the utah desert

On November 15, 2015 Théo Sanson walked nearly 500 meters on a slackline rigged from The Rectory to Castleton Tower in Castle Valley, Utah - likely a new world record. Rigging the line is perhaps as significant a feat as walking it. The team included: Andy Lewis Brent Cain Aleta Edinger Sylva...More

Old School English Utah State University

70 year old english professor beats 19 year old student at arm wrestling.. Old school English

Fans throw things at referees after BYU Utah game

BYU fans being SUPER classy after they lost at football last weekend. Pretty sure that's what Jesus would do.. Fans hurl things at BYU Utah refs as they leave

Utah Plane Crash Captured on Cell Phone by Passenger -ORIGINAL FOOTAGE-

Most awkward plane crash ever. 2/2/13- I was up for a birthday flight with my wife (her first flight ever), her mother and my seven month old boy when we received the shocking news that our carburator had iced over. After gliding over some field we found an ideal place to land the plane. The pilot w...More

Utah Road Trip becomes IT´S ROADTRIP. iPad air 2 keynote 17th october 2014

The look on this guy's face when Auto Correct screws his presentation. From the new ipad keynote.. IT´S ROADTRIP. Keynote presentation. 17th october 2014

Exploring Mars In Utah

Crew 138 of the Mars Society's Mars Desert Research Station describe what it's like preparing for landing on the surface of Mars - in the deserts of Utah.

Amazing Flash Flood / Debris Flow Southern Utah HD

TIL there are flash flood chasers.. July 18th 2013. Massive debris flow / flash flood in Southern Utah. Close to 3" of rain fell north of my location and I filmed these shots 6+ hours after the fact. Email for rates.

5-Year-Old JP Gibson Plays for the Utah Jazz

The Utah Jazz signed 5yr old JP Gibson who was diagnosed with Leukemia to a one day contract, and here he is dunking on his opponent. Gibson, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in 2012, was in uniform and joined the Jazz on the bench for tonight’s open scrimmage

Gold's Gym Utah / Crazy, We Know: Dreamcatcher

I'm a web developer, not an actor, but I couldn't turn down my company's offer to star in a commercial sporting a belly button ring.. Month-to-Month. $9.99. Crazy, we know. Sign up at

Miss Utah- Education Better

Miss Utah Gives an Insightful Answer on Gender Inequality in America. Miss Utah talking about education and what not.

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