Losing Millions on the Homie Vending Machine Empire: Profiles by VICE

"We've been picking the pockets of little children for 18 years." CEO of 'Homies' vending machine toys loses millions. (VICE 11:52). We traveled to New York City's forgotten borough, Staten Island, to find out how Sugarman created a small vending empire—and how he subsequently lost it—...More

Vending Machine Plinko

Vending Machine Plinko. Phantom Gourmet's Dan Andelman has some serious difficulty getting a drink from a vending machine.

Monkey Buys Juice From Vending Machine

Monkey buys a drink from a vending machine. Subscribe for new fails every week! - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=Laugh2LiveTV

Coke dance vending machine ( 코-크 댄스 자판기, 2PM 자판기, 2PM vending machine )

Vending machine gives coke if you dance with it. 코카-콜라 댄스 자판기 영상 대 공개 피곤하고 지쳐있는 우리 10대와 20대들에게 드리는 코카-콜라의 짜릿한 행복 Coke provides you energizing refreshment thru Coke dance vending machine !

Otter Gets Juice from a Vending Machine

Otter Gets Juice from a Vending Machine. Japanese Otter will help you with your vending machine purchases if you ever find yourself at the Tsukumi Dolphin Island in Japan. And his squee alone is enough to make your day! Otter Gets Juice from a Vending Machine

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