Reza Aslan killed these two "journalists" - Does ISLAM Promote Violence?

Reza Aslan destroys 2 CNN journalists. You need to watch this! Reza Aslan killed these two "journalists". They weren't able to salvage a shred of dignity because they are simply stupid, ill-informed, racist. Party on CNN!

Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence

Artists have joined the effort to Demand A Plan and recorded a powerful, personal message. Watch, share, and join them:

Actress Teri Hatcher, Commemoration of the International Day to End Violence against Women 2014

United Nations, 25 November 2014 - ‘I am 1 of 3 women who was forced to accept violence as a part of their life story… I am the one who yells from the rooftops until those numbers change, until every woman who has faced abuse, feels less alone and safe enough to find the courage to have her own ...More

Kerry Washington Public Service Announcement on Domestic Violence

Kerry Washington joins Allstate Foundation Purple Purse to raise awareness for domestic violence and the financial abuse that occurs in 98 percent of all cases. Help ensure domestic violence survivors aren’t financially trapped in an abusive relationship at

South Africa: Archbishop Condemns Anti-LGBT Violence

Southern Africa's Anglican archbishop calls for an end to violence and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. "Respect the gift of difference," says Most Revd Dr. Thabo Makgoba, challenging arguments that culture, tradition, and religion justify the marginalization of...More

The truth behind current violence in Egypt 14/8

The truth behind current violence in Egypt 14/8 Just because so many of you default to see the "power" as the bad guys.. We ascertain that the sit-ins of the Muslim Brotherhood were not by any means peaceful. On the contrary, they were armed and threatened state stability and sovereignty. ...More

Samuel L Jackson Just Challenged Celebrities to Call Out the "Violence of the Racist Police"

Read the Story here:

Social experiment: Domestic Violence in PUBLIC! Violencia domestica en PUBLICO!

Very interesting social experiment on domestic violence.. 45% of domestic violence is against men. Violence is violence, no matter who it's aimed at. 45% de la violencia doméstica es contra los hombres. La violencia es violencia, no importa contra quién está dirigida.

Leslie Morgan Steiner: Why domestic violence victims don't leave

Leslie Morgan Steiner was in "crazy love" -- that is, madly in love with a man who routinely abused her and threatened her life. Steiner tells the dark story of her relationship, correcting misconceptions many people hold about victims of domestic violence, and explaining how we can all help break t...More

Tragedy and Video Game Violence

Tragedy and Video Game Violence - [17:08]. TotalBiscuit brings you a special report on the recent tragic school shootings and how the media successfully manipulated the event, creating an unnecessary and ridiculous hype in gamers' disfavor.

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