Three Olives® Vodka presents “Werewolves of London” from Masha

Get the download of "Werewolves of London" from Masha here: Three Olives® Vodka is the original super-premium vodka from England. The clean, smooth flavor is ideal for crafting the ultimate classic martini (garnished with three olives, of course). Join us and get updates on t...More

Vodka Messaging

Researchers at Toronto's York University have put a new twist on drunk dialing with their molecular text messaging. By encoding data into puffs of evaporated vodka, a message can be sent to a nearby sensor, making it very easy to send your digits to that someone across the bar.

Drawing timelapse: a bottle of Oddka vodka

Superior realism in a drawing. MUSIC: "Motivational And Uplifting Notes" by Cinquequarti Support my FACEBOOK page: :) FOLLOW ME ON G+: https://plus.go...More

Wodka Vodka Commercial--Very Funny!!

A very interesting vodka commercial.... Written and Directed by Chris Sanders

David Letterman - Martha Stewart's Deviled Eggs and Vodka

David Letterman has stopped giving a fuck.. Martha provides the eggs, Dave brings the drinks.

$1,000 bet to chug a bottle of vodka - Gold Rush 3

Man takes $1000 bet to chug vodka. Cameraman follows him around afterward, documenting his progressive drunkenness.. Remember charlie getting his finger bit? Well now Charlie is all grown up and partying it up haha! Anyways as some of you know last month I participated in a cross country car rally...More

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