The Story of Zero - Getting Something from Nothing

What is zero? How did it come about? Hannah Fry tells the story of how zero went from nothing to something. Once upon a time, zero wasn’t really a number. Its journey to the fully fledged number we know and love today was a meandering one. Today, zero is both a placeholder, and tool, within our...More

Original Unpackaged, a Zero Waste No Packaging Supermarket (Original Unverpackt)

Full Epoch Times article: Two Berliners thanks to a crowdfunding campaign will open soon a flagship store with no packaging and zero-waste ethos in Berlin. This is their introduction video.

Van Damme - Zero Gravity Split

He does it again!: Van Damme - Zero Gravity Split. He did it before - on trees, ropes, chairs, kitchen countertops and even between two driving trucks... ...but this is the new level. Created by: A hommage to Volvo - Epic Split

ZERO CHARISMA Trailer - Available On-Demand October 8!

I saw this movie at SXSW where it won the audience choice award. It's an amazing movie and it just came out on VOD today. Here's the trailer for Zero Charisma.. A darkly comedic fable of epic proportions, Zero Charisma is an ode to nerds from every realm. As the strict Game Master of a fantasy role-...More

Super Zero: Badass Journey Into Zombie Awesomeness - Short Film

Before The Walking Dead returns check this out and if you like it please share the link and spread the word. That would be Awesome. For a comic book-loving, hashtag-hating gamer, the rise of the undead isn't actually the biggest of his worries. See what happens when you harness the power of your...More

Zero SR - Road Test Review

Aussies certainly have a way with reviewing shit. (Warning: This video contains strong language) Last week, we rode the 2014 Zero SR, and its awesome electric performance made us question everything we thought we knew about motorcycling. Full review here:

Zero Point Trailer

The future is now. Zero Point, the first 3D, 360 degree virtual reality movie is almost upon us. Designed for the Oculus Rift VR system, the film will be an experience created as much by the viewer as by the film maker, as the audience chooses their own camera angles and positions in the world.

Zero Blaster

What a toy.. The Zero Blaster is an updated version of the Zero Launcher. It has more of a 'ray gun' shape to it than the Zero Launcher, and it also has a ray gun sound effect, which you can switch on or off, depending on your preference. The water based vapour is non toxic. The vapour ring is call...More

The Zero Theorem - Trailer | HD

Trailer for Terry Gilliam's new film 'The Zero Theorem'. Official Trailer for The Zero Theorem Subscribe to Moviepilot Trailers: Visit Our Movie Page for The Zero Theorem: If you love watching movie trailers this is the place to be. And why shouldn't yo...More

FAST SHOOTING COMPILATION | Instructor Zero | Tac Pills vol.1

Dont blink.. For early access to Tac Pill videos click here: and here

The Zero Theorem

Christoph Waltz does his best John Malkovich impression as the bald protagonist in Terry Gilliam's

Lorenzo's Lessons of Space: Zero Gravity (Episode 3)

Zero Gravity explained using KSP. In this third installment of Lorenzo's Lessons of Space I go into what exactly zero gravity is. Hint: it's not zero gravity. I use kerbal space program ( to illustrate what's going on.

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