Could NASA Start the Zombie Apocalypse? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios

Want to ask some sort of crazy question about Space?: Tweet at us! @pbsspacetime Facebook: Email us! pbsspacetime [at] gmail [dot] com ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! ZOMBIES! We’re just as fascinated as the rest of you with predicting how the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE will start. One surpri...More

Super Zero: Badass Journey Into Zombie Awesomeness - Short Film

Before The Walking Dead returns check this out and if you like it please share the link and spread the word. That would be Awesome. For a comic book-loving, hashtag-hating gamer, the rise of the undead isn't actually the biggest of his worries. See what happens when you harness the power of your...More

The Mathematical Guide To A Zombie Apocalypse

According to math, all we need to do is beat every zombie until they're all dead, again.

World's Geography - Zombie Exam in Germany

Nerds don't know World's Geography. SUBSCRIBE: LIKE US: TWEET US: INSTAGRAM: ZOMBIE GEAR: New episode in two we...More

Zumbis No Metrô - Câmera Escondida SBT [Subway Zombie Prank]

Zumbis invadem o metrô em uma Câmera Escondida inédita do Programa Silvio Santos, exibida em 29/03/15 Saiba mais em

Zombie Walk 2014 Hit and Run Accident

New angle of car plowing through zombie walk pedestrians at comic con ( what really happened ). Posting this video so that people can see what really happened. At the 2014 San Diego Zombie Walk, a car drove right through the parade. People approached the car once it was apparent that it wasn't goi...More

How I imagine I'll see a zombie for the first time.

**UPDATE** I walked upon an "abandoned" hospital last month. I keep getting questions so here's an update. Check Comments.. So I drive for UPS and I get to this nursing hospital that I literally deliver to every day. There are no cars outside, no signs of life at all. The door is open so I...More

Lizzy, what's a zombie do?

What's a zombie do? [x-post r/daddit]. She just likes to bite hands, as every baby does, and I jokingly started asking, "What's a zombie do?" knowing she's about to pull a hand up to her mouth. I decided to film it just for fun, but this time she lunged at me! Didn't expect that.

Maggie Official TRAILER (2015) Arnold Schwarzenegger Zombie Movie HD

"Maggie" Official TRAILER (2015) Arnold Schwarzenegger Zombie Movie HD Directed by Henry Hobson, the story follows Arnold Schwarzenegger setting out to protect his infected daughter (Abigail Breslin) when a zombie epidemic is threatening the world. It looks to be a refreshingly small-scale, compell...More

Guy kills a zombie praying mantis, revealing a huge parasite living inside

Guy kills a zombie praying mantis, revealing a huge parasite living inside. Guy kills a zombie praying mantis, revealing a huge parasite living inside

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