How to Torture an Indoor Cat

My girlfriend just moved and her indoor cat was just sitting at the window crying all day. She was afraid that her cat didn't like the new place. I figured it out pretty quick..

Cat with laser pointer on head

Cat with laser pointer on head. I taped laser pointer to my cat's head. He was chasing it for over an hour. Here is a little taste. No cat was harmed during making of this video.

Patriotic Russian Cat Stands To Attention For National Anthem

Patriotic Russian Cat Stands To Attention For National Anthem. This cat has become a star in Russia -- by impersonating a Russian soldier and standing to attention every time the national anthem is played. The cat's owner Oleg Bouboulin, 34, said: "I can only assume she's been watching the parades ...More

Frank the cat is broken

My cat Frank breaks his mind when scratched in a certain spot.. Just my weird cat doing his thing. He loves this and pesters me to scratch him there all the time.

Когда я кашляю, мой кот крякает / When I cough, my cat quacks

Cat quacks when his owner coughs. НЕТ ВРЕМЕНИ ОБЪЯСНЯТЬ, давайте я разработаю вам веб-сайт :)) (for English scroll down) Это происходит почти каждый раз, когда кот спит или просто от...More

Chattering Leo the Cat

The sound that cats make when frustrated in hunting mode. Chattering Leo the Cat. Leo talks to the birds by making cute chattering noises. Watch Leo the talking cat as he communicates with birds and squirrels. Subscribe to our channel for more funny cat and kitten videos. Click link to subscrib...More

Official Scooter the Neutered Cat

Hip Spectacles. No Testicles. See Scooter strut his way into a no-kill world for cats.

Cat Welcomes Home Soldier (awesome)

Cat Welcomes Home Soldier (awesome). Cat welcomes home soldier after drill, proving that not only dogs get excited ;) Starring Finn the Ragdoll and Nick the boyfriend. Special cameo by Boo the Siamese Finn aka Finners or 'Ners

Our Cat Prefers Drinking Water This Way

It's been 15 years and my cat still thinks this is how you drink!. I don't know why she drinks like this but she's 15 and has always done it.

Cat vs. Deer (Without Music)

Y'all seeing this thing??? What is it???. Since so many people were asking to see this video without music, I thought I'd upload it here!

Big Cat Jump

I'm not a cat guy, but.... Thanks for getting this video to over 50k views! Also... Dislike this video and flag it to the max! He stole my video and now has around 50k views also, which are rightfully mine! Also spam this video everywhere! Lets see if...More

Keyboard Cat Returns

Just in time for his seventh anniversary, your favorite internet meme returns to tickle the ivories for his rendition of Question Mark & The Mysterians's "96 Tears."

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