COOLEST SOUND EVER! - [Living in Alaska 43]

The coolest sound ever and a vlogger reacting accordingly.. This is the coolest sound I've ever heard! HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED! FACEBOOK ME: TWEET ME: SEE MY OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS: http://ww...More

Coolest guy at the boat ramp

Coolest guy at the boat ramp. Combo rv and boat

Coolest cop ever playing drums in the woods

When a cop came into our campsite, we thought we were in trouble. It turns out he just wanted to play guitar and drums. Here he is jamming with my buddy.. We were camping, when this cop pulled into our campsite. We all assumed that we were in trouble, but really he just wanted to shred on the guita...More

Coolest Water Gun Ever

As the old saying goes, don't bring a water pistol to a six-barrel, hydraulic-powered, automatic Gatling water gun fight.

Adopt McIntosh The Muscovy Drake (Coolest duck in the world)

Duck is raised as a human - flies to owner, swims with him, chases him, rides in car. Hi everyone! We are looking for a new home for our beloved 2 yr old Muscovy drake named McIntosh. We live in Gainesville, FL but we're moving to Hawaii very soon, which is coincidentally the only state that forbid...More

coolest security guard ever!!!!

In response to the security guard vs skaters video, why not show a security guard doing what he's suppose to do and be awesome?. this dude is chill as fuck! best guy ever

The Coolest Machine Ever

The Coolest Machine Ever.

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