Drums on Fire - FirePixels with Tyler Williams

A drum set with flamethrowers that respond to each hit. Drummer Tyler Williams of the Beau Hodges Band taps, rolls and grooves in a ring of fire. FirePixels from LiveSpark are flame effects that can be choreographed to every touch of the drumstick. From the slightest brush to the hardest hits, every...More

Coolest cop ever playing drums in the woods

When a cop came into our campsite, we thought we were in trouble. It turns out he just wanted to play guitar and drums. Here he is jamming with my buddy.. We were camping, when this cop pulled into our campsite. We all assumed that we were in trouble, but really he just wanted to shred on the guita...More

Bucket drums on pearl street

This guy makes a living playing once a month.. Man plays bucket drums in boulder Colorado on pearl street.

John Marek - Back of my Head (guitar and drums at the same time)

My buddy playing guitar, drums and singing at the same time. Oh yeah, it's an original song, too. (xpost from /r/music). Me playing a song I made yesterday with guitar and drums simultaneously. I know it's not perfect but I just learned how to do this yesterday. Enjoy :) Also, try checking out my...More

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