Chipmunk Pest Control [Air Rifle Hunting] (June 25, 2011)

Chipmunk Pest Control *NSFW*. This video was nixed by Youtube many months ago. So, I re-edited it - moving all of the slow-motion footage to an unlisted video. There is a link to that footage at the end of this vid. Or, you can just click here: I have ...More

Taksim 8 haziran , Taksim square 8 June 2013

Taksim square 8 June 2013, amazing crowd. Taksim 8 haziran , Taksim square 8 June 2013

Scythe vs Brushcutter 1 - South West Annual Scythe Festival - June 2010

Scythe vs Brushcutter 1 - South West Annual Scythe Festival - June 2010 - YouTube. Annual race between brushcutter and scythe - honours go to the first to cut a stand of grass. This is the British Scythe Champion against an experienced agricultural worker with a three-tine brushcutter, working flat...More

Brawl at Pride Fest in Seattle. Street preachers get attacked by crowd. 30 June 2013

Seattleites celebrate Gay Pride Week by proudly beating up a Christian. While photographing this event, I witnessed a growing anger from some of the crowd, towards the preachers. All of a sudden a few members in the crowd attacked the street preachers. I switched to video to document the incident. I...More

Storm Lapse Chapter 19 with Commentary: June 17, 2010

Amazing time-lapse tornado footage. The action starts at 3:28.. Chapter 19 from the Storm Lapse DVD with commentary: June 17, 2010 Southern Minnesota tornadoes. Time lapse of several tornadoes in southern Minnesota, including the mile wide Conger EF4. Music is courtesy Kevin MacLeod of www.incompete...More

June 2012 Fails

TwisterNederland delivers another batch of cringe-worthy fails.

Roger Boddie Flash Mob - June 7, 2013

My principle thought he was making a video for the new school being built, but he actually got a flash mob for his retirement party after 36 years teaching at the school.. Hingham Middle School pays tribute to retiring principle Roger Boddie.

Karl Pilkington interview June 22 - 2012 - What's your pet hate?

Karl Pilkington - What's your pet hate?. Pilkington laughing histerically. Download:

Coldplay Charlie Brown live at the Emirates Stadium 1st June 2012

Coldplay fitted 50,000 people with flashing wristbands at their latest concert. Pretty amazing sight.. Coldplay play Charlie Brown live plus 50,000 wristband lights, amazing sight from our viewpoint in the west stand

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